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If you're looking for the best shatter brands that cater to your diverse needs, look no further – Cheap Shatter Canada online dispensary is here to provide that and more. Our service transcends just computer screens and delivery services; we customise it to fit your lifestyle. Our commitment revolves around curating the finest selection of shatter brands and products at the best pricing available, also including top-shelf marijuana, edibles, and concentrates, for our valued members. With over 50+ types of shatter brands and types we specialise from small amounts to bulk shatter. When you decide to buy cheap shatter online Canada and choose through us in Canada, and enjoy discreet and secure delivery guaranteed. If you need help choosing the ideal strain and dosage for your needs, don't hesitate to contact our customer support. We're committed to assisting you in every possible way and are available through email and live chat!

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Afghani Hindu Kush – Bulk Indica Shatter

Afghani Hindu Kush is a 100% pure indica strain grown as a landrace that is native to the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. This high-powered indica is a favourite of breeders and patients alike thanks to its level of potency and classic effects. That being said, the high of Afghani Hindu Kush is not to be underestimated – it comes on with a creeping effect that can cause some patients to overindulge if they’re not careful. You’ll feel a sudden rush of buzzing physical effects that lead to an almost overwhelming physical sedation. This is heavily relaxing and calming, leaving your body feeling almost like a sinking stone as you settle further and further into the couch. A lifted happiness accompanies this physical high, boosting the spirits without boosting your energy level in the slightest. With these effects and its high THC level, Afghani Hindu Kush is often chosen to treat chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, chronic stress and cramps or muscle spasms. This bud has a classic sweet and spicy woody hash flavour with a heavily earthy aroma to match.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Amnesia Haze – Bulk Sativa Shatter

This strain, which leans heavily towards sativa, originates from Jamaican and Laotian sativas, as well as the indica-dominant Afghan Hawaiian strain. Its sativa to indica ratio stands at approximately 80:20, making it ideal for daytime use and promoting clear-headed thinking. Additionally, it excels at alleviating various conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, ADHD symptoms, migraine headaches, mood swings, and physical pain. The high it produces is characterized by creativity and euphoria, along with a mood-enhancing psychoactive effect and a tendency to induce laughter. Amnesia Haze boasts a fresh, fruity hash-like flavour and a sweet, earthy aroma with subtle hints of spicy pepper. Its earthy taste includes notes of lemons and citrus, making it a delightful sativa strain to kickstart your day with a smile. The uplifting and energizing buzz it delivers is unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Black D.O.G. – Bulk Indica Shatter

Black D.O.G. is a rare indica dominant strain created through crossing the infamous Blackberry Kush X Emerald Headband strains. The flavour of this strain has hints of berries and grapes accented by fresh pine and lightly sweetened earth. The Black D.O.G. high is just as delicious as its taste, with long-lasting effects that are perfect for those who appreciate a good cerebral indica high. The effects start in your mind, filling your cerebral sense with a tingly bliss that immediately erases any negative or racing thoughts. A relaxing body high helps keep you anchored as your mind fades further and further into sedation, ending in a deep and peaceful sleep. Thanks to these effects and its high THC level, Black D.O.G. is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, and insomnia.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Cereal Milk – Bulk Hybrid Shatter

Cereal Milk is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the potent Snowman X Y-Life strains. Looking for a super unique flavour and a long-lasting high that's perfect for a lazy weekend day? You've found it with Cereal Milk. This lovely lady packs a sweet and creamy sugary taste with hints of fruits and berries throughout., almost like a leftover bowl of cereal milk. The Cereal Milk high is just as delightful as the flavour, with effects that will have you feeling calm yet focused for hours on end. You'll feel a euphoric lift at the onset of the high, filling your entire mind with a sense of pure happiness and lifted bliss. As your mind reaches new heights, you'll feel an influx of creative energy and sociability, boosting your mental clarity and focus. With these effects and its high THC level, Cereal Milk is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, nausea or appetite loss, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic pain.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Cinderella 99 – Bulk Hybrid Shatter

Cinderella 99, commonly referred to as "C99," "Cindy," or "Cindy 99," stands out as a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain meticulously cultivated by Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm. Recognized for its potent cerebral effects and delightful fruity undertones, Cinderella 99 is particularly favoured for daytime consumption, providing a sustained high lasting up to 90 minutes or more. Users have reported its efficacy in addressing a spectrum of concerns, including alleviating aches, pains, stress, anxiety, depression, and migraines. Beyond its recreational appeal, this strain has demonstrated therapeutic benefits by reducing inflammation, stimulating appetite, and mitigating nausea. Notably, Cinderella 99 has proven to be an effective energy booster for individuals experiencing fatigue.
  With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Citrus Skunk – Bulk Hybrid Shatter

Citrus Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid strain (65% indica/35% sativa) created through crossing the iconic Citral X Skunk #1 strains. This celebrity child brings on the perfect well-balanced high with stimulating yet super relaxing effects that will have you feeling totally kicked back in no time. You'll feel a mental boost of the spirits accompanied by a heady stimulation that has you feeling happy and pretty unfocused, blissfully unaware of pretty much anything going on around you. This heady state is accompanied by a heavy body high that leaves you fully relaxed and physically calmed, ready to kick back and sink into your couch or bed. These effects and its high THC level give Citrus Skunk an edge in treating depression, chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, spasticity and arthritis. This strain has a super sour citrusy lemon flavour with a lightly creamy yet chemical exhale.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Durban Poison – Bulk Sativa Shatter

Expect a major blow to the head from this super-potent strain. A pure sativa, Durban Poison is the beloved inbred descendant of a sativa strain grown in South Africa. This strain has long been a favourite of stoners and medical marijuana patients here. Durban Poison is one of the world's more powerful strains. This strain hits with a strong, happy head high that's great for creativity and daytime errands. Durban Poison is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea.The dominant taste of the Durban Poison strain is earthy and sweet, with a subtle pine aroma.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

God’s Gift – Bulk Indica Shatter

God's Gift is an indica dominant strain (90:10 indica / sativa ratio) with a high THC level. It is the potent offspring of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, which should explain its pain-relieving properties. It has an exceptional flavour that most people relish and enjoy, but it tastes quite similar to Granddaddy Purple but with lemon after-tones and a hint of fresh citrus. Additionally, it has a strong aroma like that of berries. Considering its blend, it offers a high unlike any other. After smoking it, you will be left in a dreamy and peaceful daze. Do not be surprised if you want to end up hugging onto your couch for dear life before the high gradually begins to disappear. A few hits of the strain are more than enough to make you sleep for hours. But this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is perfect for individuals looking for a pain reliever. Moreover, it is highly effective as a stress reliever and at naturally boosting your appetite.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Granddaddy Purple – Bulk Indica Shatter

Granddaddy Purple, also known as “GDP” or “Grand Daddy Purps,” is an indica strain created through crossing the classic Big Bud X Purple Urkle strains. This flavourful bud is said to be the grandfather of all weed strains, packing timeless full-bodied effects and an infamous flavour that will leave you begging for more. The Granddaddy Purple high hits you first with a cerebral rush that leaves you feeling completely euphoric although with a slight numbing effect. A slightly psychedelic effect will slowly wash over your mind, leaving it floating through trippy visions as your body falls into a deep sense of relaxation and peace. With effects like these, Granddaddy Purple is the perfect strain for killing the effects of chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and appetite loss. This strain has a super sweet grape flavour that has a heavily pungent harsh aftertaste that can overwhelm some. The aroma is pretty powerful with hints of sweet grape and berry accented by a heavy spicy pungency that's pretty harsh in itself, too.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

High Octane OG – Bulk Indica Shatter

High Octane OG is a 100% pure indica strain created through crossing the classic Chemdawg X Lemon Thai X Hindu Kush strains. This potent three-way cross is best known for its super heavy aroma and hard-hitting high that's ideal for kicking back after a long and stressful day when you really want to just be lazy and relax. You'll feel a laziness start to wash over you a few minutes after your final toke, creeping up and suddenly taking completely over. This will leave you heavily couch-locked and physically sedated, unable to get up and move for hours. As your body settles, your mind will lift with a subtle stimulating tingle, leaving you happy and totally out of focus. In combination with its super high THC level, these effects give High Octane OG an edge in treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms or cramps and appetite loss or nausea. This strain has a classic pungent sour lemon flavour with a heavy spicy herbal exhale.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Jack Herer – Bulk Sativa Shatter

Jack Herer is a sativa strain created through crossing the classic Haze X (Northern Lights #5 X Shiva Skunk) strains. One of the most famous buds on the planet, Jack Herer packs a lifted and energizing high that's perfect for a day when you need a little extra oomph to get up and moving. You'll feel the effects hit you almost as soon as you exhale, filling your brain with a lifted sense of clear-headed euphoria and motivation that's accented by a boost in creativity and focus. You'll find that conversations come easily in this state as you're inspired to talk about anything and everything from philosophy to your favourite foods. These effects make Jack Herer a great choice for treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression, headaches or migraines and chronic fatigue. This bud has a sweet and sour citrusy lemon flavour with a woody pine exhale. The aroma is said to be like Pine-Sol, with a lemony pine overtone accented by earthy herbs and spicy flowers.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

Lemon Skunk – Bulk Sativa Shatter

Lemon Skunk, also known as “Lemon Skunk OG,” is a sativa marijuana strain. This classic strain is known to produce energizing effects with a mellow high. In terms of flavour, Lemon Skunk is skunky with a pungent aroma and exceptionally zesty lemon undertones. Lemon Skunk effects are fast-hitting and provide instant feelings of buzzy energy that leave you feeling happy. If you’re in a mental funk, consumers say this strain can help you get out of your rut.   With our Bulk Menu, get huge discounts when you buy big!   89+% THC 1-2% CBD

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