King Kush Hash


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Presenting the premium King Kush domestic hash, crafted in the style of some of the most sought-after imports. Carefully prepared using only top quality local ingredients, this hash oozes stickiness and emits a delightful rich earthy tobacco aroma with subtle hints of tea and spice when smoked.

This hybrid hash is impressively potent yet still manages to bring an energetic jolt that encourages social interaction – at least initially! But be warned; after several puffs you may find yourself overwhelmed by couch lock or slipping away into sleep as your body becomes heavy and your mind wander off into space.

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15 reviews for King Kush Hash

  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    The product surpassed all expectations.

  2. Rmnhkr

    My favorite hash, omg I got High with a female friend and we had sex all night long..I would cum and would wanna go another round also gives you some amazing sleep.

  3. Rmnhkr

    Gave me horrible anxiety and paranoia for hours 😩

  4. Rmnhkr

    Super relaxed and comfortable high. I was feeling very irritable and anxious before smoking and within 10 minutes I was feeling the full effects of its relaxation.

  5. Rmnhkr

    Smoked on this hash earlier and it made me feel so relaxed. I cooked a big meal and took such a great nap. Definitely would recommend this for stress or people that need something to help them sleep.

  6. Rmnhkr

    Nice feeling. You gotta try this 🔥

  7. Rmnhkr

    It was a nice hash took a lot to get you high but it was a nice mellow high

  8. Rmnhkr

    Novice consumer beware! This is a super potent hash. I’ve smoked 34 years and this is one of the only hash that can do it for me in a couple bong rips. A must try for any contisour!

  9. Rmnhkr

    Great hash. Smoked a bowl and in seconds relaxed. Very pleasant smell. I don’t like loud herb. The taste was sweet to me. Would smoke it again

  10. Rmnhkr

    Very relaxing, my bad back pain dissipated, unfortunately strange, my lower back/waist started aching a little bad…maybe because the muscles/nerves were relaxing…idk.

  11. Rmnhkr

    Smells sweet! Smokes easy-ish. Feel very focused yet relaxed, but without the potatoe feeling.

  12. Rmnhkr

    This hash has a great aroma. Effects are heavy, If this doesn’t make you happy nothing will.

  13. Rmnhkr

    Favorite hash ever. Great flavor, great hard-hitting highs, and can knock you out if you indulge at the right time.

  14. Rmnhkr

    Be warned! This hash kicks like a mule! Tastes great, really smooth smoke and really sticky hash with amazing colour. Very hallucinogenic too. Not for beginners!

  15. Zane (verified owner)

    Impeccable quality.

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