$90 Oz, $250 Qp, $480 Hp, $890 Lb – Green Monster – Hybrid – AAA+


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Green Monster is one of the few sativa dominant hybrid strains that offer an all-time high along with its medicinal effects. There is more to the strain than meets the eye as it is incredibly potent and it has an astounding average of 27% THC content as well. Even though the buds are not extraordinary they are quite dense and may just be what you were looking for all along. As for the smell, it is an exquisite blend of pungent, piney and earthy scents along with unique woody, candy and lemon flavours for you to enjoy. The strain is known as Green Monster for good reason. The green buds do more than just relax your body and mind. It is known for offering a sensational cerebral experience which may lead you to question your own sanity. Keeping this in mind, individuals new to smoking cannabis are advised to stay clear of the strain. Even the most experienced of users find it incredibly difficult to stay fully aware of themselves or their surroundings while medicating with the strain. Additionally, the strain can give you the munchies as well which is why it would be a good idea to have some snacks lying around. However, it is worth noting that the strain has several medical applications and can be used for treating insomnia, stress, chronic aches and depression.

Effects: Euphoria, Calming, Giggly, Happy, Relaxing

Flavours: Candy, Diesel, Lemon, Woody, Pine

26.2% THC 0.65% CBD

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16 reviews for $90 Oz, $250 Qp, $480 Hp, $890 Lb – Green Monster – Hybrid – AAA+

  1. Andres

    Definitely in my top 5 as far as strains. As a former opioid addict I needed something strong that could ween me off the medication and this strain did just that. Enhanced focus, pain relief, creativity.

  2. Abraham

    Absolutely insane & a must try experience, made me realize a lot about myself & my interests & be extremely creative.

  3. Timothy

    This strain also provides great psychedelic effects. It is euphoric and uplifting, yet not jittery. I highly recommend this strain.

  4. Beckham

    Great hybrid for pain. definitely feels more sativa. Provides a sort of numbing sensation to the mouth and areas with chronic pain. it’s not too much though.

  5. Oliver (verified owner)

    Quick and hassle-free shipping.

  6. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Rapid dispatch and delivery.

  7. Oscar

    Always can count on this great hybrid! Sweet and Earthy! love the structure and aromas.

  8. Knox

    4/5 because this is some of the best pot I’ve had in a while however the high didn’t seem to last as long as say Nukem. High seemed to be more of a stay awake rather than a murr/sleepy high. Overall a good smoke!

  9. Angel (verified owner)

    Product exceeded expectations.

  10. Xander

    The smell is just pure heaven but I can’t describe the flavors. Music sounds amazing, easy to get lost in a good movie. A+

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

    Flawless transaction from start to finish.

  12. Emilio

    Relaxed without being tired. Quiets the distractions but still leaves space for focus.

  13. Tucker

    Great for video games, watching movies, or conversation with friends. Leans toward couch lock but if you were already out and about, you’d stay out.

  14. Matias

    One of my strains of all time…. you can never go wrong with some og…. plus I make some great crumble with it

  15. Beckett

    I would definitely recommend this if you do try it just enjoy it and just flow with it😎I know for sure that you are going to love it🍻

  16. Jesse

    Well, at this very moment I am feeling super high🤪however, I am able to give you all my opinion. At first,you feel a head high not just any head high. Is one of those head high that makes you want to say WOW !! WTF…

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