$60 Ounce – Purple Crack Hybrid AAA

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There are at least two variations of the strain Purple Crack. One, bred by Cali Connection, claims to be Green Crack genetics crossed with a Black water male. The other is bred by the Qola Family using Juicy Fruit in combination with Green Crack. Despite the mix in genetics, both express themselves as sativa-dominant hybrids that deliver a smooth burst of energy with an elevated mood. Purple Crack is a delightful way to stimulate creativity with effects that are presented with a mix of flavors ranging from floral earthy notes of pine to fresh citrus fruit.

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The spade-shaped buds of Purple Crack bear green and purple flowers with a liberal sprinkling of trichomes. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain emits a deliciously spicy scent with hints of rose, fresh dirt, and pine needles.

THC levels tend to stay in the mid to high teens, and the effects of Purple Crack have been described by consumers as producing a sativa experience. This means that consumers felt an increase in energy and thinking while anxiety and mood seems to improve. Some have used Purple Crack to reduce stress and social anxiety. Others have reported that this strain helps with stomach issues and minor pain.

Some reviewers have enjoyed this strain because it has increased their imaginative thinking.

Purple Crack is the result of crossing the infamous Green Crack with Juicy Fruit.

7 reviews for $60 Ounce – Purple Crack Hybrid AAA

  1. Jaden

    Dank Smell Great Look All Around Heavy Hitter Not Recommended For The Light Smokers

  2. Joaquin

    Best. Strain. Ever. Oh and it’s stupid sticky. It’s everything I’d imagine the best weed ever to be

  3. Josue

    I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my life and this is the best shit I’ve ever smoked. Rolled a fat blunt of this, smoked half of it and put it out because I’ve never been that high. This is coming from someone who smokes anywhere between an eighth and a quarter of some good shit every day.

  4. Dante

    I was stuck to my homies arm for 2 hours, because my own arm turned into stone from the shoulder and down. It felt trippy as hell trying to move my joints! Also, this strain is literally perfect for melting down in your bed/couch, and disappearing into space-water. This bud gave me some funny ass trips that i’ll never forget! Go buy some rn and smoke it with your homies!

  5. Nolan (verified owner)

    Outstanding durability.

  6. Isaac (verified owner)

    Attentive and responsive support team.

  7. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    Delivered ahead of schedule.

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