$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Straight A’s Haze – Sativa – AAAA


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Straight A’s Haze is a sativa dominant strain created as a super-powered phenotype of the classic Haze strain. Don’t let the parentage fool you – Straight A’s Haze won’t leave you unfocused or unmotivated. Rather, you’ll be laser-focused and energized, ready to tackle schoolwork, work, and everything beyond. This bud has an immediate onset that slams into your mind with a rush of motivated and uplifted energy. You’ll feel a sense of mental clarity and focus that leaves you motivated and ready to get down to work. This effect seems to build with absolutely no ceiling, lasting for hours and getting you ready to attack anything and everything on your to-do list. Thanks to these effects and its potent 20% + average THC level, Straight A’s Haze is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, nausea, and ADD or ADHD.

Effects: Euphoria, Motivation, Focused, Energizing, Uplifted

Flavours: Tea, Citrus, Sweet, Herbal

28.2% THC 1.3% CBD


7g, 14g, 28g, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound

9 reviews for $125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Straight A’s Haze – Sativa – AAAA

  1. Preston

    This was dumb strong every time smoked had deja vu. I was out planted in my chair.

  2. Kyler

    Easily my favorite strain of all time! It’s heavy and quickly, and lasts for hours!

  3. Reid

    Very good strain! Packed a bong with my girlfriend and we’re both just feeling very happy. We’re not sedated at all and both feel very clearheaded and focused. Good strain to get stuff done, but not too much because it’s pretty strong stuff!

  4. Zayn

    This is the BEST for eliminating hot flashes!!! Love this strain! It resets my body temp!

  5. Jett

    Best strain for my insomnia, if I don’t do a ton I get a couple hours of couch lock and then I pass out. Smells like absolute shit, but in a good way. Definitely don’t smoke this inside. Preferably don’t even bring it inside lol

  6. Tomas

    Very good. Makes you sleepy if you sit down or chill to long. If you stay doing something or going it’s a nice high.

  7. Yuvraj

    A Fantastic miracle haleluja👽

  8. Elijah (verified owner)

    Went above and beyond my expectations.

  9. Logan (verified owner)

    Good service.

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